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blackberry bramble

Blackberries first appeared on the playa in 2012. The structure of the bramble was a first for me, with each berry cluster and solar leaves existing as a self-contained unit. The batteries and circuit board were hidden in one leaf, another first, with an adjacent solar leaf that serves as the power source . This allowed me to build the rest of the bramble as units of thorny steel branches that could be assembled in multiple configurations on site.


Blackberries are an ultimate invasive species. The menace of their thorns is impressive, one I found to translate very well as evidenced by the many scratches I managed to acquire installing the bramble. These blackberries, like the corn, have numerous complicated patterns that the berry clusters run through. This is achieved by having each berry on an individual control line, which means a lot more wires for me but a much more interesting display for you!

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