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I've been experimenting with peas since 1999. This newest evolution makes for a natural pendant and lies flat for a lower profile than the blackberries. The body sparkles with thousands of tiny points of light and the pea seeds have a shadowy, planetary glow. Space peas, indeed!


Each pendant has a rechargeable battery that sits in a magnetic clasp worn behind the neck. The black nylon lanyard is soft, pliable, and hangs comfortably and securely. A twist of the clasp turns the light on and off, and the battery can be easily removed and recharged with an included USB charger. The pea pod will glow continuously for ~50 hours per charge, and slowly fades as the battery runs down. 


I'm offering three sizes that loosely correspond to 18", 20", and 24" pendant lengths. The length can be shortened by adding small knots into the cord, so if you are unsure about your size start with a longer one and you can experiment. Custom sizes are available on request.


The glass pea pod is ~ 2.5" in length and handmade (by me) in front of a lampworking torch. I start by forming the individual seeds one at a time, then align these in a glass shell filled with transparent green glass with tiny embedded bubbles. Natural variations in the process result in a unique pea pod every time. 

Space Peas


Peas and Carrots combo 15% off

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